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To Anna,

It was nice to be in Vegas so close to the action but with this type of room. The kitchen made a difference for the kids and my mom. We ate out everyday, but the time and money saved by having snacks and simple meals in the room, made more time for seeing the city.

Frank H

To Booking Express Travel

Very easy to plan and Sebastian helped recommend some cool activities for our honeymoon trip in Cancun. The room was amazing, the view over the sea was just incredible, love love love Cancun!

Gary L and Gina

Hello BET,

We had a great time in Spain! Thank you Rosario for helping us plan the trip, the week in Costa del sol was awesome!!!


Booking Express Travel Helps Make Memories that Last a Lifetime.


Booking Express Travel is an organization dedicated to providing affordable luxury travel to its members. With access to high-quality accommodations worldwide, Booking Express Travel assists people who want to travel and have the best hassle-free holidays with their loved ones.


The reasons people choose to travel are far too numerous to list here. Some people make their travel plans merely to get away from all their daily stress like work, traffic, and bills. They only want to get away and go someplace where they can forget about all those daily tensions for just a little while and truly relax.

Other people choose to travel for more educational reasons or because they want to discover new places and learn about different cultures. There are also many couples and families who wish to travel so that they can spend time together enjoying adventures that they do not have time to do during their daily lives at home.



Whatever the reasons may be, many people have dreams of exploring the world outside their neighborhoods, and Booking Express Travel is designed to help them fulfill those desires. Their team of travel experts is very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes time for you to plan your next vacation. Whether you are looking to plan a family road trip for a summer holiday or you want to spend an entire month traveling abroad, they will assist you in planning a vacation that is sure to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.



 As a member of Booking Express Travel, you will have access to their vast inventory of accommodations. They have accommodations across the globe that will suit the needs of almost any type of traveler. From simple hotel rooms to condo-style units with full kitchens and multiple bedrooms, the choice is yours to make. Many members who enjoy traveling with family or friends recommend the condo units because they offer a lot more room and comfort than an average hotel room. Also, because they are usually centrally located and provide a wide variety of amenities, these types of resort stays can offer significant savings to the average consumer. Just being able to have breakfast, some snacks, and drinks in your room without having to order from an over-priced room service menu can save a family quite a lot of money.

 So no matter what type of traveler you are or wherever you may want to wander to, Booking Express Travel offers a plan that can suit your specific needs. You work too hard all year long to not make sure that you are making the most of your precious vacation time. Let us help you plan the trips you have been dreaming of at prices you can afford.

Booking Express Travel

A membership with Booking Express Travel gives adventurers guaranteed access to a bevy of incredible benefits and exclusive bonuses that cannot be achieved through any other travel company.

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