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Booking Express Travel explains why this Caribbean hotspot is the safest place in the Islands.

Aruba is an island with many visitors, and it’s famous for its amazing pristine beaches and exhilarating desert landscapes. It’s an island with consistently beautiful weather and warm climatic conditions. It’s situated far south of the Caribbean, which further away from most of the enormous hurricanes. Therefore, sun-seekers can enjoy water sports at any period of the year and outdoor attractions of the island. Aruba and its beautiful capital Oranjestad is a fantastic place to visit in 2020/21. Here are some of the attractions to see in Aruba in 2020/21.

Booking Express Travels recommends to visit:


A traveler visiting Aruba will be amazed by the charm and beauty of Aruba’s capital city. Dutch colonial architecture and pastel-hued structure buildings are some of the most exciting features found in the capital. The city also has numerous restaurants, shops, galleries, and museums. Wilhelmina Park is also one of the major attractions in the city. It’s very colorful, specifically during October, September, and June when plants are blooming. The historical museum is also found in the town where visitors can learn more about the rich culture and history of the island.

Beautiful Beaches

Booking Express Travel offers plenty of incredible and dazzling beaches. Palm Beach and eagle beach are favorites for most of the visitors. Secluded Arashi Beach and Malmok Beach are known best for snorkeling and swimming. Boca Andicuri, Boca Grandi, Bachelor’s Beach, Black Stone Beach, and Boca Prins are found on the windward coast. They are characterized by large and robust wave currents and are great for kite surfers and windsurfers who can tackle strong waves. Baby beach is one of the local’s favorite due to its calm waters and shallow basin.

Idyllic views of a beach on Aruba

The Butterfly Farm

The butterfly farm is also one of the fascinating places in Aruba. Photographers, children, and nature lovers will admire the spectacular and colorful view of the farm. During your tour, you can walk around the tropical gardens and witness the fluttering beauty of the numerous butterflies. During your visit, you will learn about the butterfly habitats, the life cycle of the butterfly, and the different butterfly species. This is one of the most amazing places to visit in Aruba and get an opportunity to take memorable and colorful photos.

Arikok National Park

Arikok Park is an amazing destination for outdoor lovers visiting Aruba. It covers almost 20% of the Island and features caves, cacti-covered landscapes, unique rock formations, and dunes. You can also get spectacular views of the park as you walk and trail through the rocks. Goats, lizards, Iguanas, and Parakeets are some of the creatures found in the park. During this tour, you can also stop at the historical landmarks such as the California Lighthouse, Baby beach, and the Natural Pool.

Natural Bridge Aruba

This is a great place to visit in Aruba, and it’s an incredible geological formation caused by many years of erosion from the sea. However, the most visited and largest natural bridge between Bushiribana gold mine and Andicuri Beach collapsed in 2005. The remains of the bridge, however, are still a significant and significant tourist attraction. The location also hosts other incredible natural bridges situated on the southern part of the island close to Black Stone Beach and at Wariruri Beach.

Picture of Baby Natural Bridge Landmark in Aruba by booking Express travel

Booking Express Travel invites you to experience this beautiful destination at prices so affordable that many return year after year.

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