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Booking Express Travels provides world-class accommodations at some of the hottest destinations and advises travelers to Mexico to take a trip to see the Pre-Columbian Mayan walled city of Tulum.

This Mayan port city is enclosed on three sides by a seven-meter-wide 784 meter-long wall. Tulum was a seaport and traded mostly in jade and turquoise, as well as other wares and materials. It has been speculated that the city was home to only nobility and priests within the walls, while commoners deemed less worthy of living within the borders lived just outside of Tulum.

Guests are advised to visit the ruins of Castillo and the Temple of Frescoes, in which visitors can see a mural comprised of three sections. From these vantage points, it is possible to enjoy an incredible view of the Caribbean Sea from atop of the limestone cliffs that some of Tulum is situated on.

Tulum, Mexico.

Booking Express Travel invites travelers to visit Tulum and imagine what life must have been like for the Mayan people who lived there so long ago.

Any visitors interested in the subjects of art, architecture, and history are sure to enjoy a trip to Tulum.

Tulum’s town is very quaint with beachfront restaurants that offer Beers and Tacos while you bury your toes in the hot sand. Such a great way to spend a day while staying in a Primo Network Adventures luxury resort in Cancun or Riviera Maya. The drive is around 90 minutes.

Tulum beach sunset palm tree in Riviera Maya

Once there, you will love the ruins, and all the Park has to offer. Be sure to watch for the giant Iguanas, not that they will cause you to harm, only that they are such excellent photo ops. From Tulum and the Park’s town, make a wonderful day to explore Mayan ruins and then enjoy Corona’s on the beach with great fish tacos make for a great day in Mexico.

Life is short, and we all need to travel more and more and explore different places. Yet some find that special place and return year after year as a pilgrimage; it’s all good as long as you enjoy life.

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