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Booking Express Travel members offer you the beautiful scenery of Maritime Nova Scotia to experience the best outdoor adventures and attractions of the Province. Members can venture in and around Nova Scotia’s coast and explore its off-the-beaten paths, beautiful tourist attractions, and local communities. Members genuinely enjoy a wonderful experience and share the way of life of its local Lobster fishers, Rugmakers, and Painters.

Booking Express Travel members love the plethora of outdoor pursuits that Nova Scotia offers to suit all tastes. While hiking along Nova Scotia’s coastal trail, tourists are in awe of its extreme high tidal movements while watching a whale breach and simply paddle its Heritage River. Walking around in Nova Scotia’s sustainable gardens allows tourists to take in the beauty of its culture and the historical past of Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia is a province in Canada. It is on the Atlantic is considered a Maritime province.

Things to see in Nova Scotia, Booking Express Travel

Booking Express Travel recommends tourists not check the Tidal Bore experience on the Bay of Fundy and enjoy Whale Watching Excursions around the area, as they are simply unbeatable. Even tour companies offer you personalized experiences of adventurous excursions, and you can book into the one that works out for you.

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Booking Express Travel says Nova Scotia has on their license plates Canadas Oceans Playground. With that said of Nova Scotia is filled with many miles of clean sandy beaches. The beaches offer shower and toilet facilities and canteen and picnics areas for tourists to freshen up.

Booking Express Travel members know that your holiday experience in Nova Scotia will turn out unforgettable memories as it offers you personalized experiences, natural wonders, and ecotourism opportunities that turn out fun and relaxation in itself.

Nova Scotia truly is an Oceans playground with cute little towns like Peggy’s Cove and Lunenburg; this Province in Canada is very much underrated. With super friendly people, it is the gem of the Maritimes.

Halifax is the central city, and all thing modern can be found there. Yet only miles away can you visit a time gone by.

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