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Booking Express Travel explains that named for its extended strip of tan-colored beaches, Long Beach is the United States’ most prominent maritime commerce area.

Booking Express Travel says The city’s name itself will commonly be used interchangeably with the “Port of Long Beach,” which is the country’s second-busiest container port and one of the entire globe’s top shipping destinations. Long regarded as merely a city of industry, you’d be surprised at the breadth of attractions and things to do in Long Beach. Plus, the community resides just 20 miles south of downtown Los Angeles – a city with countless attractions Island Lifestyle Getaways Booking Express Travel do.

Booking Express Travel says Long Beach is an excellent choice for a short getaway.

As the self-proclaimed “Aquatic Capital of America,” you can certainly expect fun in the sun and beach-going lifestyles. Over the miles of coastline, you’ll locals and tourists alike relaxing under the sun nearly year-round, playing beach volleyball, and strolling along a boardwalk. Unsurprisingly, one of the world’s best zoos – the Aquarium of the Pacific – resides in Long Beach. Set on five acres along Rainbow Harbor, the Aquarium welcomes over 1.5 million visitors a year and shelters 11,000 animals.

Booking Express Travel Reviews Long Beach, California

Within the bay sits Naples Island – understandably named after its Italian counterpart. You can stroll through this throwback community of waterside homes, each with a boat parked in the canal. Away from the water, many love visiting the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden within California State University – Long Beach. The gorgeous botanical garden provides aesthetic refreshment to all patrons, free of charge.

Finally, Island BET suggests checking out the Queen Mary, an art deco luxury liner-turned-museum now permanently docked in the bay. Booking Express Travel offers all types of travel and our one on one concierge service that sets us apart from the others.

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