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Booking Express Travel Reviews the adrenaline junkies to enjoy the off-beaten paths of Costa Rica as it is home to about 300 beaches and hundreds of communities far from the tourist pathways. This is the reason most tourists choose to explore and enjoy.

These off-beaten destinations offer beautiful views and exciting sites and welcome tourists of all age groups. Some attractions are challenging to explore, while others are just around the corner, waiting patiently.

Booking Express Travel Reviews suggest tourists enjoy the less crowded beach vacation spots and head for Uvita, located in the ideal south Pacific region of Costa Rica.

With palm trees swaying in the wind providing relief from the harsh sun, it sure seems natural that this environment is uncorrupted as it is.

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Tourists can stroll along its sandy beach, swim, snorkel, and dive offshore. If you are holidaying from May to October, you may even be lucky to watch the Hawksbill Sea Turtles coming ashore to nest. The lucky tourists can even watch the humpback whales migrating through the water during December and April.

A visit to its Coffee Plantations is another activity that is a must enjoy as you get to learn how the coffee beans are hand-picked and end up in your coffee cup tasting the best.

Booking Express Travel Reviews recommends that bird lovers visit San Gerardo de Dota, birdwatcher heaven. It sure is a place where the hiking enthusiastic huddles up among the roaring Talamanca Mountain Range to hike along its nature trails.

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Booking Express Travel Reviews members say that you can even get your holiday tailor-made to fit Costa Rica’s main recreational attractions, like discovering its wildlife, scenery, and beaches. Your holiday experience will never be complete if you miss out on any.

In Costa Rica, tourists love to enjoy its eco-tours as it has loads of opportunities to offer nature in its raw form.

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