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Booking Express Travel Things says this summer of 2021 is the perfect time of the year to visit San Francisco, and with these tips from Booking Express Travel, travelers are sure to get the experience out of their holiday here.

It is the perfect time of the year to visit San Francisco, and with these tips from Booking, Express Travel travelers are sure to get the most out of their vacation here.

It is always a terrific time to visit San Francisco, but the summer is an especially great season to visit this city-by-the-sea. With fewer tourists, cooler temperatures, and one-of-a-kind attractions, San Francisco is one of the most requested destinations by members of the luxury vacation provider Booking Express Travel. Here are some tips on what to see and do while in San Fran.

  1. Explore

There are so many great attractions and areas to explore while in San Francisco. One of the best ways to get around is by walking up and down the hilly avenues, browsing the shops, eating in cafes, and exploring the many gardens found in this Californian city.

  1. Fisherman’s Wharf

The world-famous Fisherman’s Wharf is a hub for travelers who come to San Francisco. This city is known for many things; among them are sourdough bread and clam chowder that please any vacationer’s palate. Try dining on clam chowder served in a sourdough bread bowl while watching the native sea lions lounge and play on the pier.

Fishermans Wharf San Francisco
  1. Ride a Cable Car.

The historic cable cars that San Francisco is so well known for have been restored and still run on the streets of the city today. This is one experience that no traveler will want to miss out on shares Booking Express Travel.

  1. Take a trip to Chinatown.

For some of the best authentic Chinese cuisine in the western hemisphere, Chinatown in San Francisco is the place to go. Visit some local shops selling exotic wares and foods to the incredible restaurants serving up traditional favorites; food lovers will want to carve out some time to explore Chinatown.

Chinatown in San Francisco by Booking Express Travel
  1. Golden Gate Bridge

Though all of the areas listed above are features that San Francisco is well known for, none are more iconic than the Golden Gate Bridge. The best way to experience the bridge is to walk or bike across it. Though it is not a short trip, doing so allows vacationers to snap incredible pictures that are sure to be something they will cherish for years to come.

For more information about what there is to see and do in San Francisco this summer and to learn how to vacation while enjoying exclusive access to luxurious accommodations around the world, contact Booking Express Travel today.

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