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Booking Express Travel knows that summer is right around the corner, and you are looking for a place to vacation.

You got the time off of work, and are either looking not to leave the country (if you live in the United States) or are looking to visit the U.S. America is a country full of so many different places and cultures and is large enough to have various types of weather between its borders. So are you looking for a place to enjoy the summer sun or a gentle breeze as summer creeps into fall? Well, follow us, as Booking Express Travel visits Top American summer resorts!

Booking Express Travel first visits the state of Wyoming, and a resort that’s been viewed as one of the best in America;

Brush Creek Ranch. This resort, nestled in the plains of The Cowboy State, offers gorgeous views of the Rocky Mountains and breathtaking glimpses of the mountain sunset. Sitting on 30,000 acres of working cattle ranch in Wyoming, Brush Creek Ranch has fantastic horseback riding, fly fishing, and incredible trail adventures through the Wyoming wilderness. So if you’re looking for a summer location to take in the great outdoors, The Lodge and Spa at Brush Creek Ranch are perfect for you.

Now we travel to the South, as we check out Little St. Simons Island. Sitting on 10,000 acres of a natural reserve, this island retreat offers fun cabins, small enough for one, or large enough for the entire family. With birding, fishing, and bike ride on the many trails, this is a nature lover’s paradise. Staying at this resort means an all-inclusive retreat, drinks included. This includes dining with other guests in the formal dining room. If you have ever wanted to travel to the southern part of America, then Little St. Simons Island might just be the stop for you.

Grand Tetons in Wyoming.

As we sail down the Chesapeake, as we head to Tides Inn. This resort has been around since the 1940s and takes full advantage of the beauty that is Virginia. Known for their oysters, Tides Inn offers an “Oyster Acadamy,” that teaches guests to locate, catch, and prepare their oysters. They also provide ways to pair oysters with wine for a luxurious taste. Besides that, they offer green biking throughout Irvington, nature walks (with blueberry picking, if the season is right), and loads of other outdoor activities. So if you want to be near one of the oldest parts of America, and take in this country’s rich heritage, Tides Inn would be a great spot to spend a vacation this summer.

These are only three of the many resorts the United States has to offer; if any of these, or any other resorts in America appeal to you, the best way to get there is with Booking Express Travel. Happy travels! For more information, please visit