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Booking Express Travel explains Nebraska has more than just corn and fields; Lincoln has a welcoming atmosphere with a vibrant nightlife. Booking Express Travel has several recommendations for food in Lincoln. Try the Bread & Cup, Indigo Bridge, or Yia Yia’s Pizza while visiting.

The Bread & Cup is one of the top choices for a café in Lincoln. It has excellent baked goods, a full bar, and favorites like pulled pork sandwiches. For a special treat, try the Indigo Bridge, a café that serves excellent coffee, snacks, and sandwiches in a bookstore.

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Open for lunch and dinner all week, Yia Yia’s Pizza is a favorite among the college crowd, which makes people watching the fun. Sit at a sidewalk table and enjoy a cheesy, cracker-thin pizza and a beer from various regional brews on tap.

Vacationers should plan to spend some time in the Haymarket District, which has a history that includes an open-air mart for cattle and hay and a manufacturing hub.

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Those old buildings are now specialty shops and art galleries, such as the Rocketship Gallery, which has prints, pottery, and woodwork. While there, check out Licorice International, the biggest candy retailer in the US, and try the sweet and salty versions.

The Sunday farmers market has a wide variety of wares, including Czech fruit pastries and tomato chips.

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No trip to Lincoln would be complete without seeing all the sites. Travel experts recommend a visit inside the 400-foot-high state capitol building. The building interior combines art-deco and classic, and the view from the 14th-floor observation deck goes for miles.

Booking Express Travel Reviews Visit Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln is also home to the International Quilt Museum, which has quilts from the 1700s among the 3,500 on display. The National Museum of Roller Skating is also in Lincoln, hidden behind a trade association office.

If the weather is beautiful, take to the trails on a bicycle. With over 130 miles of trails extending from the university to Omaha, the converted rail track continues from the university through woodlands and prairies.

Vacationers can rent bikes from the university’s Outdoor Adventure Center. On the last Thursday of each month, the Lincoln Hustle takes place. An urban ride, sometimes a race, has challenges and stops along the way, including lots of stops for a beer.

Booking Express Travel encourages vacationers to put Lincoln, Nebraska, on their lists of destinations this year. Or plan a visit in 2023.

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